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Fritz Fromage by Mewscaper

Emolga I take it. A perfect theif. Cute deception with the possibility to learn Charm. And the ability to fly away.

The picture is initially, slightly confusing. I had double take to identify the pokemon. Given the unique style, it is understandable to mistake the pokemon for something else.

The lighting is great, as normal. I like the cascade up the arm and the slight tinge on the lower parts of the ears. A few details keeps the onlooker, well, looking around.

The pose is somewhat lacking, though. It just doesnt really look like a theif stance. The look on Emolga's face tells me that it had no idea what it just stole. As if it was a spurr chance to take something shiny. [Which looks like, to me, a thunder-stone.]

But even in the light, as it stands, the art is well done. I say it may even just be down right adorable.
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